Antibiotic substances

The growing problems of bacterial infections and increase of the number of bacterial strains resistant to currently use antibiotics, as well as the huge need of the market for the new antibacterial and antifungal products resulted in new KF Niccolum projects, which aim is to develop safe for humans and biocompatible antibiotic substances. Technology of the production of these substances is based on the patent application of Dr Izabela Zawisza and Prof. Wojciech Bal, whose right to dispose is KF Niccolum. The substance with the desired properties was designed successfully and their activity was pre-verified in partnership with the Institute for Molecular Bioscience (University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia) and  Medical University of Lublin. For increase effectiveness of the preparations the metal ions was added – silver, copper and gold, being more often used as an alternative antibacterial components of cosmetic and pharmaceutical products. The preliminary research of project have been successfully completed. The expected products will be antibacterial and antifungal substances for use in cosmeceuticals, medical preparations, and subsequently for use in pharmaceuticals.